we"ve had a couple of instances of this message the past few weeks, different users to lớn different thư điện tử addresses, which is slightly bewildering:

From: System AdministratorSent: 07 March 2011 10:07To: Our UserSubject: Undeliverable: Cheese Nibblets, Cheddar.

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Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:


We"re running Exchange 2003 as our mail server & we have Outlook 2003/2007 around the office. It seems users get this message when they"ve started a new e-mail directly from using an address in another email.

For example, one user today was forwarded an e-mail and he then wanted khổng lồ send one of the other recipients an thư điện tử directly so he clicked on the email address hyperlink from that thư điện tử to start a new email.

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Upon first clicking the hyperlink the To: field in the new email displayed this: user2.org> và after a brief moment the lớn field corrects itself to lớn just the thư điện tử address user2
Very quickly after sending the thư điện tử he gets the email bounced back with the above message.

Another user has complained of something similiar happening, with the exact same tỷ lệ thoát back message. I don"t think he peformed the exact steps as above, but may have just copied the email address from another email"s fwded contacts.

In both cases we"ve managed to get around the message being bounced back, by manually typing the email address, which is fair enough but just seems rather daft all-in-all when you there are quicker ways to lớn get an thư điện tử address to lớn start a new mail directly.

Can anyone explain why this is happenning or what i could possibly bởi to prevent this so Outlook/Exchange behaves as intuitively as it makes out you can? Thanks chaps!




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