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Actors Lee Kwang Soo và Lee Sun Bin are a few of the long-term celebrity couples in the South Korean industry who are deeply loved by the public.

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The two stars are booked & busy this 2022. The question "Are they still dating?" resurfaces in the online Hallyu world. Curious about their status? Keep on reading!

Lee Kwang Soo Meets Lee Sun Bin Through "Running Man"

Lee Kwang Soo is a former member of the highly loved cast of "Running Man" và believe it or not, the couple first met as co-stars in the television program!


(Photo : King Kong by Starship)

They met while filming one of the episodes of "Running Man" in năm 2016 in which Lee Sun Bin appeared as a guest.

During her appearance on his show, Lee Sun Bin expressed her interest in Lee Kwang Soo. On air, the two are often seen laughing và bickering with one another.


(Photo : King Kong by Starship"s Instagram)

Lee Kwang Soo, who is shy around the beautiful actress, also shared his positive feelings for the former.

After filming the episode together, Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Sun Bin became close friends. A little over a year later, they decided lớn take things to the next cấp độ by starting a romantic relationship.

Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Sun Bin As Loving Couples

The two actors officially announced their relationship on December 31, 2018, five months after they became a couple.


(Photo : SBS catch Youtube)Lee Sun Bin Expresses Her Love Towards Lee Kwang Soo on Social Media

Through his agency, King Kong by Starship, Lee Kwang Soo confirmed that they have been busy getting khổng lồ know each other. Eventually, they became significant others.

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Even before disclosing their intimate relationship to lớn the public, the two have been openly affectionate with each other in front of other friends & colleagues.


(Photo : King Kong by Starship"s Instagram)

(Photo : Initial Entertainment)

They also introduced each other to lớn their celebrity friends. They even accompanied one another lớn meals and gatherings.

In one of the episodes of "Running Man," Lee Kwang Soo referred to lớn Lee Sun Bin as his "girlfriend" in public.

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Lee Kwang Soo Relationship Status 2022: Is He Still Dating Long-Term Girlfriend Lee Sun Bin?

As of this writing, Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Sun Bin are still happily in love with one another.

Despite numerous breakup rumors, the couple managed lớn debunk them by publicly showing affection khổng lồ each other on their personal social media accounts.

In particular, the couple showed their immense support for one another in their recent works "Sinkhole" & "Work Later, Drink Now" by watching it themselves và encouraging everyone khổng lồ anticipate the works.

Lee Kwang Soo Upcoming Works, Dramas, More

Earlier in 2022, Lee Kwang Soo led the period adventure film "The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure" with Kang Ha Neul and Han Hyo Joo.

(Photo : Netflix Korea)Lee Kwang Soo

It depicts the journey of pirates & bandits who work together khổng lồ find the lost royal treasure that disappeared without a trace.

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On the other hand, the multi-talented actor returns khổng lồ the small screen with AOA Seolhyun and Jin Hee Kyung in the upcoming comedy thriller series "The Killer"s Shopping List."

(Photo : tvN Drama)Actor Lee Kwang Soo

He will play the role of Ahn Dae Sung, the supermarket son who sees a bloody murder in the neighborhood wherein only grocery shopping receipts are the key evidence khổng lồ find the culprit.

"The Killer"s Shopping List" is scheduled khổng lồ air on Wednesday, April 27 at 10:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

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Written by Elijah Mully.

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